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PREAll about PRE!

Hey Prefontaine fans,

This is my dog PRE; he is of course named after the great Oregon Runner Steve Prefontaine. He followed me and two friends for 4 miles on a trail run one day. He was tired and hungry yet he was able to hold on until we made it back to the parking lot. No easy feat for a dog in the heat here in Florida. It seemed like he had been “lost” for a couple of days.  My friend Rob named him PRE on that run, the name stuck, and he’s been with me ever since. I’m a softy for dogs and had a 12.5 year old German Shepherd at home and had to put down my Lab mix at 12.3 years in 2006. So PRE’s face reminded me of my other Lab’s, it was love at first sight.

After $350.00 in Vet bills, neutering, shots, de-wormed, de-ticked…..I’m happy to say he a real pain in the butt. As you can see he is now nice and fit looking. My Vet says he’s about one year old, lab/ retriever. He’s great with the kids and people in general. At first I thought I found him but now I think he found me.

He certainly has a lot of energy that may have been why he was “lost”. He found the right owner, at the moment he’s an 8:00 minute miler. I think I can drop him down to 7:30 . Just like the legend, you just can’t stop this PRE!


PRE Hit the Trail Mascott



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